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IRIV is a leading producer and marketer of commodities worldwide. Being headquartered in Canada, IRIV has been mainly focusing on financing and strategic decision making with key offices across the globe for marketing and operational support. We strive to be a reliable partner to our customers at each stage of their growth.

Our customers are mainly steel producers, power plants, miners and cement plants. Mainly commodities are sourced through third party producers either long term purchase agreements or joint venture/ mergers with producers as own subsidiaries.

We also provide financial, logistics and supply chain management support to our customers.

We have a separate division to support start ups by extending support as a financial and management venture capitalist. Our team analyse the potential of start ups in our core business areas and integrate them to be a part of our diversified business operations, thereby guaranteeing the mutual growth of the start ups and the company.

We also have diversified verticals such as contract mining and contractual farming with full purchase agreements to support our business growth.

Our Mission
Looking Beyond Budiness...

IRIV stives to become world's leading producer and supplier of minerals, agricultural and energy products. We have been formed with only one mission " We Look Beyond Busniess " which means every worker of the company thrives towards creating strategic partnership with customers to achieve total satisfaction.


We at IRIV Direct follow open work policy. Every worker from top management to floor level executive is encouraged to give open minded business inputs for the betterment of business models. We ensure continuous personal and professional development of every worker, thereby maintaining the total work satisfaction.


We follow flat organization model with business head for each division. Our workers are professionally well qualified & well experienced to guide the organization to the forward direction of growth.

Social Responsibility

We at IRIV are associated with NGOs to work towards welfare of under priviledged children. Every worker of the company is motivated to contribute for the charity.

Training and Development

We at IRIV continuously work towards personal and professional development of our workers. We have conducted various training and development programmes to help our workers to face all challenges in the business world.